Friday, 15 March 2013

Mans Best friend is a Cat !

Times, they are a changing !

A Growing Trend?
Apparently mans best friend has four legs a tail that wags and will follow you to the ends of the earth and goes by the name of Dog..... That's all changed.

Creeping in from left field, using the Internet as a vehicle for world domination, the cat is usurping the dog. Men who like cats is a growing phenomenon. Obviously there is a section of the population with a particular dress code of track suits and baseball caps and constantly sore knuckles, where they drag  on the ground, who still seem to favor the canine companion. You know the group. Small stocky dogs of dubious heritage ,wearing over sized studded collars. Often found on a leash made of chain big enough to secure a factory gate. This could be a marketing ploy by the chain makers driven by the demise of British manufacturing. With the market gone for securing factory gates at the end of a shift clearly they needed a new customer base.

 There is still the Iconic British Bulldog, but, when was the last time you saw one that wasn't in an advert for insurance?

 Some of you may know the Bulldog  silhouette from an Antivirus program called Bullguard or the software developer Zynga. Other breeds engender other feelings of strength and power that no doubt will linger, the Alsatian  with its dodgy hips, the Border Collie for its loyalty and intelligence as a working dog.

 But mark my words we are entering the age of the Cat.

Early promotional attempts ...FAIL
 Men Who Like Cats would at one time have been a euphemism that alluded to sexuality, but no more. The companion cat is no longer the preserve of witches and spinsters. The cat is going mainstream. 

Comical, stealthy and sleek all at the same time our feline friends have started a campaign for world domination. Through clever, often self deprecating  memes cats are making themselves the curators of the Internet. Lets face it , it's not a dog that is the top land predator.

Cuteness abounds with cats. Over the years they have made several attempts to rise to ascendancy  Early attempts like the "Cat in the Hat" tried to target a younger audience with fun and silliness. It was not entirely successful even with the  respectful title of being created by a Dr.

Taking Cat love a little to far.

The cats have regrouped and embraced modern media.

When Florence Welch from Florence and the machine sang....

 "the dog days are over, the dog days are done"

she finished  with the wrong conclusion it's not the horses that are coming its the cats. 

You have been warned......

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